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Dragonworld Server - Roland Plüss

All my artsy stuff, mainly 3D-Modeling as well as traditional.
All my videos, mainly 3D-Animations and some game/engine related videos.
Homepage for the Drag[en]gine Game Engine Project, a next generation, high-end, true 0-day portable game engine.
Homepage for the Epsylon Game Project, a detective story (adventure) game with a twist.
Image Galleries of various people including me.
Homepage over the old TV Show Winspector originally coming from Japan. This homepage contains infos about the show and some interesting downloads.
Here you can find a short but rather complete walkthrough for one of the best Half-Life Single Player Mods out there: Todesangst 2 - Der Echte Feind. So if you got stuck or just didn't get all digits for the secret code then have a look at it.
Do you want to mail me? Here is my address: roland(A=T)rptd(D=O=T)ch.