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Episode One - Invasion

The Beginning
After the nice intro you will find yourself in a lobby together with the two scientists from the intro. Just talk to them and one will tell you about a plan to escape (see yourself how good this plan really is). Walk then down the hallway to the lift and go up to level 2. Walk all the way around the balcony to get to Guthrie's office. Get the hatchet from under his desc and proceed to the stairs. Go down and through the first door. You will end up at the admin section. Walk into the seminar rooms on your left side. At the back of the room is a wooden door you can smash. Get the security card and get out of the seminar room and head for the security door. Grab the HEV and proceed into the security room. Gear up and go to the control panel to hit the big bad red button. *cutscene*

First Proof
I advice you to check out the security monitors on your left side to figure out where the troops are. You will encouter a lot during until you are down in the lobby again. The fastest way is to get back all the way to the lift and ride down to level 1. Get back to the lobby and be prepared to get into some heavy fights there with a couple of troops. After finishing them off you can go down the other hallway where the 3 winding machines are. Just look behind them to find a .357 and the first digit of the code. Now go out the lobby to the open lift and get out there.

Lift 2
Just after exiting you will hear you next bad announcement: Elevator 2 doesn't work and guess you need it. Walk down the hallway and watch the right room there are troops and security monitors. On the T the lift is on the left but we need to activate it first so go right then. Just before the security door there's a control room on the left with a crossbow trooper in there. Take him out and press the red button to unlock the security door. Open the security door and proceed to the maintainance area (sign on wall). Open the door and get rid of the zombies there. Get down the lift and keep left to get to the ladder. Enter the room and don't walk to far or the bridge collapses. Take the two ichys out from up there where you are save. Swim through the whole in the wall and swim on to the wrecked lift. Get out of the water and enter the office room for another *cutscene*.

I recommend jumping ontop the shelf to crawl into a nice gear up storage. Ok the lift is now unlocked but has still no power yet. Head out of there down the right hallway to get back to the lift 2 to activate it. And watch out for another couple of ambushes. Just before the lift there's a control room on your left side ao get in and flip the power switch. If you want a battery climb up the ladder and down the maintainance shaft. Enter the lift and ride it all the way up getting ambushed at the top. Do stay in the middle of the lift or you might get stuck Walk down the hallway and head left for the transit station ignoring everything right now. Get to the west platform and pin down the troops arriving in the transit car. Go back to get to the east platform then to find a control room around the corner. Flip both switches and get back to the sector d lift if you want a nice gear up. Just go down the ladder there to get all the nice stuff. Afterwards head back towards the east platform transit car and enter it to start it.

Scientists Headquarter
Leave the train and get ready to kick some but. Head up the stairs then and go through the boxes to meet a crossbow guy. Break boxes and look around to get some gear up. Enter the maintaince area afterwards. The box there contains grenades so its worth a look. Enter the door at the left side of the transit car. You will now see the rats down there. Just roam around the sewers (you can't get lost). Enter the door the zombies smashes open and follow the hallway. Make sure you stay at the right side of the hallway when entering the room. Walk down the hallway at the other side of the room. Climb the ladder to roam again around the sewers. Climp up the ladder again and walk towards the boiler. Use the crates to get behind the boiler for some gear up and the second digit of the code. Enter the door and follow the stairs up. You will end up in another hallway. Just follow it. Enter the room for another important *cutscene*.

Take out the troopers and follow the tracks down to the small lake. Jump in and get out to meet a little acid spitter. Use your lamp to get through the dark area towards a looked door and another lake. Take out the two ichys in there from the save shore off. Swim then towards the ladders to get out of the water. Be prepared to get ambushed at the top by a crossbow guy. Enter the door and proceed down the hallway. Get passed the trooper ambushing you from the behind the grate and proceed to the ladder. This is a great place to use your crossbow to get rid of the guards on the tower. Walk across the desert and through the stone tunnel to get to another chance to crossbow. But attention: ambush from the left side. This time you can climp the tower for some gear up and mp5 grenades (you will need them). Proceed through the gap in the rocks and meet one of those laser robots. Get all the way down the big hallways towards the big lift. There's a laser robot down there so better take him out from above where he can't hurt ya. Climp the oposing ladder to activate the lift. Ride it down to meet up with a hall full of laser robots and some troopers. Clean up the desk and proceed through the hall. Mount the transit car and drive it as far as you can. You will end up at the headquarter (hehe) of your scientist kollegues. Just step in and hear what they have to tell you. *cutscene*

Central Core
Gear up and get to the transit car waiting for you (east track then left). Just walk into it to activate it. You will be taken under fire during the ride so better find a good place to hide in the car. Have your crossbow ready then to pick out the two troopers while driving (not that easy i know). If you don't want to go swiming you can jump off the train now. Get up the ramp and walk behind the crates for some gear up and the third digit of the code. Enter the small vent shaft label "do not enter" (hehe... surely I will). Before running up the stairs better watch up or you will notice it shortly afterwards. The main entrance is surely blocked so find your way up the stairs. Walk passed the tentacle things to reach another lift to ride down. Follow the stairs up to whipe out some troops. Open the big door at the far side of the lobby. Enter the not labeled door and follow the hallway. Walk down all the sairs to end up in a motor cycle hallway. Keep left to get to the central core. Pass the big door and walk up the stairs at the far end. Continue down the hallway to end up in the cooling room. Guess what to do next. Use both valves to turn off cooling and starting to overhead the core. Wait for the door to open and get out of there. You have to get down the ladder to proceed. Walk down all the way and enter the room to your left climbing the ladder in there. Continue and climb the next ladder too. Duck to get in the small room ahead and shoot one of the crates to get out. Enter the room and pick out the trooper on the ridge above you. Aproach quickly the glass door on your left. Toss the chair on the red square on the right side and put yourself on the left one. Use the button in there to shut down the core. Keep left to exit the lobby and to get cought in a big crash. Jump onto the ladder on the left side to get down and follow the hallway to get to the lift. Use it to escape and to get back to the scientists headquarter.

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