Biker is one of the two robots besides Ryuma. He is equiped with a wheel in front of his chest. This wheel gives him the ability of driving on it on the road. It looks really funny when he drives in this manner flat on the ground. Another special item is his bike. It looks like a normal motor cycle but it is protected against nearly all weapons. He uses his two speers to stear his bike. He plugs them into both sides and uses them as handlebars.

Biker's two speers are equal to the laser sword of Fire but they can't fire laser shots. He can combine these two speers by plugging them handle to handle to obtain a stick like the Bo of Ninjas. I don't know exactly for what they serve then but perhaps you know.

Biker is a funny character. He is a serious cop of course but he likes doing jokes. I only watched the german version in which he got a really high and funny voice. Sometimes he nerves Walter with his jokes but they are really good friends. In one episode he had to show feelings. He had to catch a criminal woman but the problem was that he loved her a little bit. He was no more able of deceiding what to do. His logic was upset. It's funny to see a robot in love.

In the german dubbing Biker was called Brian. I don't know why the people changed his name that way but Brian sounds nice as well.