Shin'ichi Nonoyama

Nonoyama is the engineer around Biker and Walter. After the creator and father of Biker and Walter died he took over the task of looking after them. He is a character which always works in the background so you will not see him very often. He is the big inovator because he created all the equipment for them. There is not much I can say about him and I don't have a picture from him neither, Sorry!


Demitas is another robot but a really small one. He appeared in the middle of the show and was constructed by Nonoyama. I don't know why he made it but I guess it was more of a sports reason. This little robot looks a lot like a can of beer but this makes it funny. He speaks with a very loose tongue and is always putting himself into ramp light. He is attached to Biker. You will only see Demitas along with Biker. This little guy is a big friend for Biker (robots need some good friends too. Especially if he has the same loose tongue and sense of humour like Biker).


Madock is the central computer in the Winspector building. He was constructed by Nonoyama too. He is able of working entierly independent of human interaction. He is highley secured and is protected against attacks from outside. Without this big machine behind them Winspector would only be half as good.