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Welcome to my Winspector Homepage. Although this great TV show disappeared very quickly I hope to keep the memories alive. It's very hard to find good images or web pages about it so I decided to create a real Winspector Homepage. I hope you enjoy it.

If you should have any problems with this page because of the content or perhaps copyright stuff please notify me.


German Translation of Manga Snippet (18th March)
Recently I received a fine translation of the manga snippet in the image gallery from Sabina Betschke (many thanks at this place). Have a look at them.
FTP partially up again (14th March)
Finally the bandwidth doubling took place so i have no more speed. So the solution for the trouble with the upload badnwidth has relieved a bit and thus I put back up the Videos and the Music files for you folks. The Episode still stays offline for the moment but perhaps if the new situation proves to be ok I put them up too.
Time to reorganize (21th Octobre)
Shortly I took down the video clip but this doesn't help. Troubles with the line are acculumating. I would like to kick my ISP in the ass for messing around with the bandwidth like this but I have to get along with. As urgent measure I close down the FTP Server until I find a cure for this problem. Sorry for this but I've no other choice right now.
Finally it's over (19th Octobre)
It's now finally over and done. Due to bandwidth upload reduction of my server a couple of month ago I can't afford to host the big downloads anymore. Thus I decided to take down the Winspector TV Show Video you usually found in the videos section. I'll kee the other smaller downloads there but this one I gonna take out. I'm playing with the thought to make a .torrent out of it so it will not be lost for you but this is another decision only time can answer. I hope you understand this. Have a nice stay.
Back on track (19th July)
Murphy's greeting you. Just have been off for a week and on the first day a power shortage brought down the server. But now it's up again and the downloads should work also again. Thx anyway for your pation.
A little IRC Channel ^_^ (13th May)
Hust a few days ago I fiddled around with an IRC server on my box. I just put that one up for pleasure and not for big usage but now he is there why not use it? For that I put a Winspector Channel on it. So if you wanna try your luck check out the Fans page for details.
Manga Pages Are Up (26th November)
I was little surprised about what I found today going with the broom over my download directory. There has been lying about 6 pages of manga in the winspector folder. And exactly those 6 pages I've now thrown on the page. Go over to the Image Galery and have a look at them.

Old news? I just smashed them into this News-Archiv.

Last update: May 13th, 2003
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