The Winspector Image Gallery


It was really hard for us to find Winspector images on the net because of the fact that this show disappeared so fast. But I want to thank Priscila very much at this point for her images. And I want to thank those of you who send me pictures. Often I got send the same pictures but out of them I build up this gallery. To see the image in full size and high quality click on it. If you have a DOM browser the picture will appear in the picture box below the thumbnails. If you don't a new window appeats with the picture in it. I'm still hunting for more pictures and I would be glad if somebody of you could send me more of them.

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The Manga

Page 1 (222 KB) | Page1 Deutsch (150KB)
Page 2 (227 KB) | Page2 Deutsch (155KB)
Page 3 (235 KB) | Page3 Deutsch (128KB)
Page 4 (237 KB) | Page4 Deutsch (158KB)
Page 5 (225 KB) | Page5 Deutsch (114KB)
Page 6 (245 KB) | Page6 Deutsch (124KB)
Winspector exists also as manga. I don't own one of them but I own some scans of the pages within. I received about 6 scanned pages from her and I've thrown them on my page. Click on one of the links on the left side to open the image in the same window. You have to use the back button to get back here again. The reason for this: the pictures are too big to fit into a view window.