Video Clips - Temporary Down

Thanks to Lars who lend me his tape with some episodes on it I'm able to present you folks some video clips from Winspector. Those clips are not very well in quality some times but it's better than nothing. Below you will find some pictures showing a frame of the clip belonging to it. The clips are in PAL size (this means about 320 x 288 pixels but at only 15 fps). Most of them are about 1 to 2 MBs in size so you can get them reasonable fast. Just click on the image to get them.

I could have recorded them in japanese but I guess you guys won't understand it so all of those clips are in German. I'm sorry for it but I believe there is no English dubbing of it. If somebody knows an english dubbing you are welcome to tell me.

All of the videos in here are recorde with the DivX 4 codec. If you have any troubles playing the clips download the latest DivX codec and all should be fine.

2.3 MB, 31 sec

730 KB, 9 sec

670 KB, 7 sec

2.1 MB, 26 sec

WHAT?!?! A whole episode?!

Down and out!

Due to bandwidth reduction I've decided to close down and take out this video.