Ryouma Kagawa - Fire

Ryouma is a Police Superintendent too like Masaki. He is 23 years old and the leader of the team. He speaks 5 different languages (oh my god, why didn't he become translator, *grin*). He made the Ph.D in high-tech science and science research. His special skills are martial arts. From among all policemen in Japan he was chose to wear the protection suit kurasutekutaa code named Fire. Ryouma has a younger sister Yuuko (13 years old) living in Chiba (don't question me where that is). There parents died when Ryouma was 13 (reason? don't know).

Ryouma is the only human 'robot' in the team. He owns the Protector Suit. This is a metallic armor protecting him against bullets and low level lasers. He can wear this armor only a certain time because it uses his body strength. If it gets damaged too heavy he could die from it. He can take on this armor only inside his car, the Winsquat. Only he can wear the red protector suit. It was adapted to him and another person would die soon if using it.

The Kurasutekutaa performance table:
Heatproof2800 degrees
Coldproof-270 degrees
Jump power30m
PowerUsually: Ryouma's 30 times
Maximum: Ryouma's 100 times
Movement speed2.8-3.6 seconds of 100m
Time limitAbout five minutes

Ryouma drives a car called Winsquat. This car is more than a normal police car. It contains the needed technic to let him take on his suit. This is done automatically. In the normal state the car is a white police car. In the transformed state it is covered with red parts which protect the car against all weapons. The car was not protected in the normal state until an accident happened from which Ryouma nearly died. After this moment the car was modified so it is undestroyable too in the untransformed state. With a little access card he can activate this transformation mode. Afterwards it is capable of firing certain weapons: Normal lasers out of devices assembled on the roof; Ice lasers from the roof which let freeze all beeings and building during seconds; Rocket launchers assemled on the door bottoms, the front and back sides of the car.

Fire wears a laser sword. This is a special kind of sword which is able of firing lasers. This lasers are capable of destroying even titan. With this weapon he cuts all (not only the hairs from the criminals heads). The sword is attached to his arm so he can't drop it accidently.

Fire owns an ice laser in form of a pistol. It has got the same abilities as the ice lasers of his car. There is also a nice weapon with a strange name. It looks like a pistol and fires two shots which anaesthetize the criminal (Zzzzzzz...). Fire is the only one with the ability of traveling with light speed for some seconds. But the usage of this ability costs him a lot of energy so he can use it usually only once.

Fire owns a device called Giga Streamer. This device was developed to the end of the show. It was constructed because they had to fight with a criminal robot which was stronger then all robots before. The Giga Streamer gets activated by pluging the laser sword into it. This weapon works in two modes: the blaster mode and the drilling mode. In the blaster mode the weapon works like a chaingun. It spins up and fires randomly heavy laser shots into the obstacle in front of him. The problem by this weapon is that it works with percentage power. The strength of the weapon can be adjusted. Usually Fire only shots in a lower mode with only 60-80% energy. There is a problem with the 100% mode. It is the strongest mode but also the most dangerous for him. The weapon spins and shots with a certain frequence. In the 100% mode this frequence is higher than the frequence of his heart beat. He can use this mode only for a short time or the weapon will rise his heart beat over a critical frequence. This problem shows up very often in the show. Ryouma is not able to use this weapon without his Protector Suit. But in one epsiode he did it nevertheless, and he survived (by surprise). The other working mode is the drilling mode in which he can break through everything.