Winspector Fans

This Winspector Homepage is a (more or less) 'two man' project, by Roland Plüss and Priscila Morsoletto. The idea and design of this homepage project is from me. I wanted to create a Winspector Homepage which gives information about this great show and which doesn't only show two or three pictures and that's it. I hope that I made it well.
Almost all informations on this homepage have been compiled by me. The informations about the show and Tokusatsu are from Priscila.
All the pictures and music files are from her too. The Video clips are captured by me with many thanks to Lars who lend me his tape.

The IRC Server is no more running. There have not been much notice of it and attracted more trouble than it served people. If there is an interest still it could be better hosting it elsewhere. Until then it's closed.

Here is the list of the Fans we already know:

Lovell Christopher lovell *A_T* freesurf *D_O_T* ch Switzerland
Plüss Roland roland *A_T* rptd *D_O_T* ch Switzerland
Morsoletto Priscila pmorsoletto *A_T* softhome *D_O_T* net Brazil
Andre Czollek andreczollek1985 *A_T* freenet *D_O_T* de Germany
Benz Christian MaxinKiel *A_T* gmx *D_O_T* de Germany
Benz Gero toxicone *A_T* gmx *D_O_T* de Germany
Berger David whise_fox *A_T* hotmail *D_O_T* com Germany
Christian Pohlmeier AyumiManiac *A_T* gmx *D_O_T* de Germany
Frieden Patrick patrick_frieden *A_T* web *D_O_T* de Germany
Gross-Hardt Boris Dmad_aen *A_T* web *D_O_T* de Germany
Groth Christian Webmaster *A_T* Pioneerman2k1 *D_O_T* de Germany
Grunendahl Andreas BIceDealerB *A_T* aol *D_O_T* com Germany
Hannig Lars contact *A_T* starcat-dev *D_O_T* de Germany
Hikari Shinji Shinji-Hikari *A_T* t-online *D_O_T* de Germany
Hoppe Dominik SSj_Son_Goku *A_T* web *D_O_T* de Germany
Hussain Abdullah thelostdragon *A_T* web *D_O_T* de Germany
Huynh Anh Dung TheDarkFallenAngel *A_T* gmx *D_O_T* de Germany
Kraft Michael dreamcast *A_T* cmbh *D_O_T* de Germany
Käser Daniel Kintaro *A_T* hoipoi *D_O_T* de Germany
Kurth Marc Hotshot *A_T* cmbh *D_O_T* de Germany
Luttermann Henrik thenominator *A_T* hotmail *D_O_T* com Germany
Markus Bergholz markuman *A_T* gmail *D_O_T* com Germany
Michael Ernst mier85 *A_T* lycos *D_O_T* de Germany
Pastl Helmut webmaster *A_T* ampfinger *D_O_T* de Germany
Patrick Schmidt pa *D_O_T* schmidt *A_T* rz *D_O_T* uni-saarland *D_O_T* de Germany
Reinhard Holz the_rhino *A_T* freenet *D_O_T* de Germany
Salmen Timo timo *D_O_T* salmen *A_T* salnet *D_O_T* de Germany
Schmidt Manfred manfredo *D_O_T* s *A_T* gmx *D_O_T* de Germany
Schmitt Tobias silver-moon-2000 *A_T* gmx *D_O_T* de Germany
Schnerring Wolfgang wosc *A_T* wosc *D_O_T* de Germany
Strauss Chris CStra69180 *A_T* aol *D_O_T* com Germany
Tremmel Michael m *D_O_T* tremmel *A_T* gmx *D_O_T* net Germany
Weiler Thomas weilerchen *A_T* gmx *D_O_T* de Germany
Mertomeanwi Soekarman soeki15 *A_T* hotmail *D_O_T* com Netherland
Mertomenawi Soe mertomenawi *A_T* email *D_O_T* com Netherland
Nanning Stefan dnanning *A_T* rendo *D_O_T* dekooi *D_O_T* nl Netherland
Bogad Manuel manuel *D_O_T* bogad *A_T* aon *D_O_T* at Austria
Kollmann Manuela manu *A_T* kabelnet *D_O_T* at Austria
Korn Miguel etiim *A_T* chello *D_O_T* at Austria
Mastroianni Antonio lock *A_T* inwind *D_O_T* it Italy
Vincent Laforest kohshi *A_T* orange *D_O_T* fr France

The problem?

The problem are the informations. The show was a success in the East but not in the West. That's why informations could only be found on japanese pages. And there is the problem: I can't read kanjis! But Winspector has Fans outside of Japan because the toy industry created Winspector Toys and also a CD with the music from them. But here in the western parts of the world this is not the case. That has been the main reason for creating this page.

What we want

At first we want to find other Winspector Fans. But we are also glad to find other multimedia stuff about them. If you like them then write us. I will add you here if you want.