Shunsuke Masaki

Masaki is the boss of Winspector and Police Superintendent. He is 41 years old and the leader of the Winspector Foundation. He also owns Arekku which is a police dog (in german they called him Alex). Before Winspector he worked for the Metropoliten Police. It's was there where the idea of creating a special police force came to life. An importent inspector developed this idea but he couldn't realise the plan because he lost his life saving people from a bomb. After this event Masaki decided to accomplish the plan and founded Winspector. He is not this kind of boss who always sits behind his desk and is just giving orders. Masaki is often involved in the stories outside of the Winspector building. He has got many enemies and one of them is the Mad Scientist of the pilot episode. It is not easy to describe his character. He is a very cool person. Nothing can cause him losing his self control. He is a really strong personality. After his team mates left to go to Interpol he founded a new Rescue Police. He wished to create an even better rescue team. This new team he called Solbrain.