Junko Fujino

Junko is the only women in the Winspector Team. She is the Assistant Police Inspector and Information Investigation Agent in the team. She is 20 years old. She is the only one with no special equipment. I placed her in front of the other three main characters to show their default equipment.
All of them use a small pistol which looks like a normal police gun with a little funny look. Junko herself is the best gun player in the Metropolitan Police Department. In the Kanagawa's Olympics Free Pistol in 1998, she won the championship.

To arrest the criminels they have got a device call WinChasers. This is a sort of handcuff but they only need to hold them beside the hands of the victim so it wraps around them automatically. In their trick box they have got also a sort of stunning gun with a really funny name: Daytrick M2. Only Ryuma seems to use it.
Because she doesn't own other special things they gave her a really fashioning sport car, one of the red sort you know. You will never see her with a protector suit. I don't know why she doesn't own one and Ryuma does.
The three 'robots' also have got some devices in common, a grappling hook, a drilling device, a device for freezing objects and a device for throwing objects.