About the Winspector TV show

The Show

The original title of Winspector is Special Rescue Police Winspector.
This show belongs to the Tokusatsu Serie.
It is the the seventh of the Metal heroes collection and the first of its sub genre Rescue Teams.
Winspector was created in 1989 by the TV Company Asahi TV.

The stories are written by:

Susumu Takahisa
Sho Sugimura
Hayakazu Miyashita

These are the actors:

Masaru Yamashita as Ryouma Kagawa - Fire
Hiroshi Miyauchi as Shunsuke Masaki - the boss
Mami Nakanishi as Junko Fujino
Masaru Oobayashi as Shin'ichi Nonoyama - engineer
Sachiko Oguri as Hisako Koyama
Ryou Yamamoto as Ryota Koyama
Yuri Hoshikawa as Yuuko Kagawa
Shin'ichi Satou as Toragoru Rokkaku

These are some of the directors:

Shohei Tojo
Takeshi Ogasawara
Tetsuji Mitsumura
Michio Konishi

The music was made by:

Seiji Yokoyama

Special effects supervisor:

Nobuo Yashima

Action supervisor:

Junji Yamaoka

Winspector is a TV show which relies his stories often to human defects. This show doesn't consist of The Goods against The Evil. Winspector touched many critical topics of that time and used to showed them. This TV show is demanding. Winspector doesn't have a great background and scenarios but the special effects have been great for that time.

The Story

The Winspector Team consists of 4 humans and two robots.
The boss of Winspector is Masaki. He created a police troup for special task which normal police departments in tokyo would never be able to accomplish.
The human policeman and policewoman are Ryuma alias Fire and his partner Junko. Junko doesn't own a Portector Suit or someting else. But she works very well with her equipment.
The team also owns two robots called Biker and Walter. They were constructed by an old engineer which can be seen in some episodes. There is also an engineer around them which repairs and modifies them.
There was a succeeding TV show called Solbrain. After Ryuma, Junko, Walter and Biker left Masaki he founded a new rescue police called Solbrain. This TV show is not as good as Winspector but also worth looking it.