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I don't know for what you might wanna see old news but ok, here we go. The main page contains the five newest news entries, the rest goes here.

Finally The Big Change was Successful! (23th November)
It's finally all set and done. The web server is doing his job and the ftp server is also finally up and running. I apollogize for the long time the whole thing didn't work at all. I had a lot of troubles with the dyndns, a busted cpu cooler, the linux at all - which has just been the only system running on the little pc, otherwise I would have never chosen it - and the nasty, nasty proftpd... But it works now and there should be now no more downtimes. Don't get upset if you can't download from the ftp server at high speed it's just due to my bandwidth I'm using for myself and proftpd can't handle bandwidth limitations well in the current version. I hope that I can improve this in the future but up to then you have to get along with it. And thanks for the big interest in this homepage. The hit counts really surprised me ;=)
Some little Changes. (21th October)
To make it short: I tried to correct the links to the images and videos. For this I changed the links to point to the files on my home machine. These will not always be accessible (only when the pc is on) so try again if they don't work later. It's just a temporary solution so don't mail me because of this. I just have to find a little pc to use as server and then...
Uupps... Tripod Fucked it all up! (23th April)
Perhaps you noticed it already. The Image Gallery didn't work correctly. That wasn't due to some error of me but because of some stupid f****** limitations of Tripod disallowing me to use the pics like I wanted to. Well. I just put them elsewhere and now they work. I'm really playing with the though moving away from Tripod. Let's see how it works in the future.
New Page Layout and Video Fixing (16th April)
Sorry again folks for the lack of updating this page. You will surely think 'What a stupid excution!' but I really had not the time. University is not a funny walk but work. But now it's all strait and done. The page recieved a little face lifting (especially with DOM supported little stuff) and the videos are fixed. Don't panic reading DOM and don't know what it is. If you have Netscape 6.x or Internet Explorer 5.x you will notice a few goodies on this page. If you don't you will perhaps have some glitches in the page depending on your Browser. Just as explenation: DOM stands for Document Object Model and is a standarized way of dynamic HTML. Every W3 standard compatible browser will display this page without any troubles. Please tell me what features work on your browser and which don't it's interesting me.
Finally an Update (19th February)
Yep, I finally did it! It took me a long time to find time for it because of the big load of exams. What happened? I worked over completely the image gallery and the video clips. And at the rest of the pages I did some updating of the informations. Thanks to you out there sending me in some corrections. About the video clips... The movie will be up completly in a few days. Thanks to Timo Salmen I have now a host to put those movies on. The one you know will be downloadable now in better quality (from compression sight, original quality still bad, ;=) ). The small video clips will be fixed in a few days. So don't mail me because of them not beeing linked properly: I know it! Well... that's it. Enjoy the new stuff.
Episode in better quality (6th January)
Due to the new release ov DivX 4.x I was able to record the episode on my page in a much better quality at the same file size. But the problem is storage. I haven't found somebody yet to host a file of about 30MB without making problems. If you dear Winspector fans do have a host or do now where I can put the file please mail me. If it's working it might be possible that a second episode makes its way on the internet *twinkle*.
Download fixes (6th January)
I managed to restore the whole episode. It should be now possible to download it. Still the little movie sequences are not downloadable up to now. I will try to rerecord them as soon as my pc is working again (the little linux installation excurse fucked it all up... *sigh*).
Important News (12th November)
Due to a not announced quota introduced by my provider a lot of the download files on this page have been fucked up. I'm sorry but until I got them back the files mentioned below can't be downloaded right now. Please be patient until I'v fixed this s*** (uupps, sorry).

- Last file of Winspector Movie -
- All short video clips -
- All Music files -

Last update: May 13th, 2003
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